About Rose Baby Enterprises

Rose Baby Enterprises was named after Lisa Evans-Graham's beloved grandmother, Rose Belle Coleman.  This organization, which embraces young people, was created after a conversation Lisa had with some young people who expressed that they missed doing the skits with her at their local church and suggested that she do another play.  After much prayer and fasting and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Lisa decided to take a leap of faith and step into the wonderful world of theater.

Rose Baby Enterprises (RBE) specializes in gospel plays that offer a message of hope and God's love.  The cast ranges in age from ten (10) and up and represents numerous churches across the denominational chart.  The organization teaches young people how to act, sing and praise dance.  Lisa proudly states, "When we audition young people for our plays, even though we do look at their talents, we focus more on their willingness to learn more about the arts and their willingness to think outside of the box.  The young people now-a-days have so many talents, some they are not even aware of and some of which they are aware, but are not comfortable using...our job at RBE is to provide a forum where these young people can be the best that they can be while letting the light of Jesus Christ shine through them."

RBE's mission is to engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audiences with theatrical productions that will make you laugh, cry, shout and most importantly, make you think.  We stand firm in our commitment to provide young people with a forum whereby they can express themselves through the arts;  train and support the next generation of theater artists; encourage artists to "think outside the box" by embracing all of their God-given talents; provide spiritual growth; create value and make a difference.

We believe that theater has the power to illuminate, transform and heal.  Theater can also create community by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds.



Lisa Evans-Graham

Lisa  has  been  writing  for  as  long   as  she   can   remember.  She  started  writing poetry  as a way of expressing herself, then she began writing short skits and now has moved on to writing plays which feature the talents of young people as well as adults.


Family, church and work keep Lisa extremely busy, however, in her spare time she is working on several writing projects.  She is the writer, director and producer of five inspirational plays: READY OR NOT HERE I COME, YOU CAN TELL THE DEVIL THAT I’M BACKDOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE, DON’T LOOK LIKE WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH and BRUISED BUT NOT BROKEN.  Lisa just released her first book which is also entitled “BRUISED BUT NOT BROKEN”.  She is also the writer of the blog, Becoming Better.


Lisa makes her residence in Manhattan and Long Island.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful sons, Lavell and Lawrence, and two adorable grandchildren, Joshua and Lashae.


Meet The Team

Lisa "Mega" Graham-Schwalenberg

Vocal Coach/Song Writer

Lawrence Graham

Musicial Director

Catherine Meredith

Supervisor, Audience Services

Rose Baby Enterprises

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