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Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt as if everything was going wrong all at the same time? You were devastated. Some days you walked around with a big smile, masking your pain. But on other days you would cry all day long, barely able to keep it together. You were walking in the dark, searching desperately trying to find just a flicker of light. I have been there...several times…(smile). And it was in the midst of my valley, when I felt like giving up, that I decided to ask Jesus for some crumbs.

Like the Canaanite woman, I believed that even the crumbs from Jesus would bless me. The Canaanite woman, even though she was not worthy, knew that she needed a miracle for her daughter. She know that Jesus was the only one who could grant her that miracle. Like my sister, the Canaanite woman, I realized that even the crumbs...the small pieces...the left over blessings...the stuff that no one else wanted...was more than enough. When Jesus touched the crumbs they would put a smile on my face, joy in my heart and peace in my spirit. I know that when Jesus touches a crumb that it will expand, blessing every area of my life.

Remember, little becomes much when you put it in the Master’s hands.

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