Chasing After Him

Hello Family,

The other day while in the supermarket I noticed a woman walking around asking people for money. This is nothing unusual in New York. Times are hard and people are suffering. But there was something different about this woman. Is wasn't that she was a drug addict that made her different, it was the sheer look of desperation in her eyes that made my soul ache for her. She had a look that said if you don't give me what I want then I'm willing to try to take it. The other customers in the store must have seen her desperation as well because women begin to hold on tightly to their purses and the men distanced themselves from her. I watched as she assessed the situation, frantically thinking of a way to get the money that she so desperately needed for her next fix.

I remember that I too had that look of desperation. I wasn't desperate for drugs and I wasn't asking for money but I was desperate to develop a relationship with God. I knew that He knew me (after all He created me) but I didn't know Him. I was overwhelmed by the cares of this life and I needed some relief...I needed peace...I needed joy...I needed deliverance...I needed HIM. I knew that although I had people around me who loved me they couldn't help me the way that He could. They couldn't soothe my aching heart...I had to get to Jesus. I yearned to be closer to the Lord! My mind was racing with thoughts of Him. My body was itching to be close to Him. My spirit was searching frantically for Him.

In my desperation, like that drug addict, I didn't care what people said about me or thought of me as I fought my way to Jesus. I didn't care if the tears streamed down my face or I praised God too loudly, I had to get to Jesus. I was unbothered by what people thought when I isolated myself so that I could be alone to chase after my Savior.

Like the woman with the issue of blood, I didn't mind crawling, I didn't mind laying before God in total submission to Him. I was so desperate to get to Jesus that the pride that I once wore as a badge of honor had now become my enemy because it was blocking me from getting to my sweet, sweet Jesus.

Know this, when you have truly had enough of the devil beating on you, you will desperately seek after God. You will crawl through fix holes, jump over hurdles, walk through fire, jump off of a cliff if you have to just to land in the peaceful, loving arms of the Lord!

Start seeking the after Him! Remember, just one touch from Jesus will change your life FOREVER!!

Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually. 1 Chronicles 16:11

Quote of the Day: I am still a little girl trying to please my Father. It's not natural but spiritual. Lisa Evans-Graham

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