Becoming Better

Hello Family,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my blog...Becoming Better.

We often navigate through life as if we were walking on a minefield. The struggles that we have already encountered have left us fearful and immobile. We have been hurt in ways that have affected our mind, body and spirit and although God is beckoning us to come to Him, we are too afraid to move. His arms are outstretched, waiting for us to run into them however, we are hesitant. We are hurt, bleeding and exhausted. We hear God calling out to us but we are too weak to move. But we must move. We can't stay here. We have got to move!

Come on. I will help you. We will go to God together. We can make it. We are bruised but not broken. We may not be able to walk to him, but we can crawl. Like the woman with the issue of blood, we will touch the hem of His garment through prayer and faith. Together we will do whatever it takes to get to Jesus. We will do whatever it takes to become whole.

During this blog, I will share pieces of myself as I travel on this journey of becoming a better me...becoming the me that God wants me to be. And guess what? I want you to join me on this journey into developing a deeper more personal relationship with God. You see, I am not selfish. I don't want all of the blessings for myself, I want you to get some blessings too. (smile)

Step into my world, my life, my thoughts. I promise that I will make you laugh, make you cry, but most importantly I will make you think and strive to become better.

God loves us and is guiding us on our journey to Becoming Better!


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