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Good Morning Family!

While driving into the city from Long Island this past weekend, I encountered something that turned into a life lesson.

I started my mini trip in Suffolk County. The weather was a little dreary with dark clouds looming overhead. I drove thinking that perhaps it might rain, but pretty confident that I would get to my destination before the rain started. I drove through Suffolk County without a rain drop in sight, however the moment that I hit Nassau County a fierce rain began to fall - we had run into a storm. It was raining so hard that men on motorcycles had to pull over under the overpass and motorists now had their cars creeping at the speed of 20-30 miles per hour. It was difficult to see what was ahead.

I'm not a fan of driving in the rain so I immediately suggested to my son, who was riding with me, that we should perhaps stop somewhere until the rain ceased. He responded with a cool, "Keep Moving Mom, You're Good". I kept driving and just as quickly as the rain stopped. We drove through the storm and the Queens' sky blocked the rain drops while simultaneously pushing the Sun into view.

As I continued to my destination, I thought about what would have happened had I decided to pull over and stop. I would have been delayed getting to my destination, and would have spent more time lingering in a storm, that I was meant to just pass through. It saddens me to think, that so many of us, have stopped and rested in the storms in our lives. We are stuck in relationships with people who don't love us; we are stuck in jobs that make us miserable; we are stuck in churches where we are not growing; we are stuck in unforgiveness; we are held prisoners in our own minds focusing more on what is instead of what can be. God is trying to free us but we won't move. We are focused so much on the rain that we don't see the sun brightly shining past the rain drops.

Family, I know that things get difficult for you sometimes. I have my struggles too. But I'm here to encourage you to keep moving...don't stop...keep moving. Please, whatever you do, DON'T STOP! Your deliverance...your breakthrough...your freedom is closer than you think. KEEP MOVING! Keep trusting God...keep believing in yourself! You're going to make it! I believe in you!

Quote of the Day: I look for the sun even on the darkest of days, because I always seem to find what I am looking for. - Lisa Evans-Graham

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