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Hello Family,

While out of the country, I decided to do a couple of things that I've never done before, so I decided to go horseback riding. Now I'm a city girl so the only horse I've ever been on is the iron horse called the train/subway (smile).

Now when I decided to take on this adventure I was under the impression that I would be riding a horse on a farm. I pictured myself galloping through the countryside with the wind blowing through my hair. No hills or valleys, just flat ground with me and my horse riding as one. I think watching all of those episodes of Bonanza altered my perception, because my real life experience was nothing like I'd imagined. This imagination of mine is always getting me into trouble. Lol.

I explained to the guide...his name is Miguel...that this was to be my first time riding a horse. His response was simply, "No worries Miss, I've got you. You'll be fine." I mounted the horse and immediately my body tensed up. Miguel noticed my body language and instructed me to relax. "Relax", he said "I've got you." This total stranger was asking me to trust him and I knew that to some degree, I had to trust him because he knew much more than I did as it relates to riding horses. So we started our journey and I became more relaxed as I slowly rode the horse. Just when I begin to get the feel of things and begin to enjoy my ride, I noticed that we are leaving the flat leveled ground and was venturing off into the hills. To my total dismay, I found myself riding this horse up and down some of the tallest hills that I have ever seen. I felt like I was on a roller-coaster. Throughout the ride, Miguel would often say, "Relax, I've got you".

At one point, while riding up a hill, near the edge, my horse's hoof hit a rock and the rock went of the cliff. I waited to hear the sound of the rock hitting the bottom but heard nothing. I leaned over to look, to see where the rock had gone. It was at this point that I realized how high we really were. Before I could speak, Miguel who was riding beside me, noticed my fear and reassured me that everything would be okay. He echoed the words that were most spoken in our brief encounter... "Relax, I've got you."

Relax, I've got you...these words are not unfamiliar to me. God speaks these same words to me when the cares of life have me sad, confused or hurt. When I feel as if I have been backed up against a wall and I am desperately trying to plan my next way of escape...I hear the sweet voice of God whisper, "Relax, I've got you". In the early mornings, in the cool of the day and in the midnight hour when I am fighting to keep my head above water, I hear the sweet voice of the Lord say, "Relax, I've got you." These four words have gotten me through some of the most difficult times of my life and I want to pass them on to you.

Relax, God's got you. Relax, God's got you! Relax, God's go you!! You are going to be okay. You are going to make it. Through the valleys and up the hills, God's got you. When you are not sure what your next move in life should be...pray and then relax, God's got you. When people walk out of your life, when you are suffering financially, when the cares of this life have you down...relax, God's got you. You are going to make it! Failure is not an option! You cannot and will not give up! God's got you so just relax and know that God is working everything out for you!

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