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Hello Family! Happy Tuesday!

Every summer my sister, cousins and I would spend the summer in the suburbs of Long Island at my aunt and uncle's house. I couldn't wait to say "goodbye" to the city life, and "hello" to the freedom of riding my bike in the street; having bbqs in the backyard; swimming in the pool; running back and forth to the 7-Eleven; and just being with my cousins.

I waited in great anticipation for the school year to be over so that I could go to Long Island. I was so excited about that one, wonderful... fantastic...spectacular..."big" thing, that I paid very little attention to the other good things, that were happening to me while I waited for what I considered that "big" thing.

I was so focused on going away from the summer that I didnt really appreciate the value in the other good things that were taking place. God was using my mother to bless me in so many ways, preparing me for the big trip. She purchased new summer clothes for me. I was blessed with skates, or a bike, or whatever I wanted to take with me to my aunt and uncle's house. And while I was grateful for these things, in my childish thinking I did not understand, that while I was waiting for the blessing of the vacation, I was being blessed with things preparing me for the vacation.

Let's clearly define what the "big" blessing is. The "big" blessing is that thing that you have been praying and fasting for, it's the thing that seems to be taking forever to materialize, it is the thing that you want the most at this point in your life. The "big" blessing is the thing that you think about first thing in the morning and it is last thing you think about right before you fall asleep.

Family, I know that you have petitions before God. I know that you have "big" blessings that you are anxiously waiting for. I know that these things are pressing on your mind, your heart and your spirit and that you might even feel a little impatient but hold on...don't give up! Wait on God! And while you wait on your "big" blessing, I encourage you to see and appreciate ALL of the things that God is doing for you, preparing you for your heart's desire. When you start seeing how God is blessing you every single day, and thank Him for those blessings, He will bless you even more. I am waiting on my big blessing too! I don't know about you but while I am waiting, I am on the look out for every blessing (big or small), and I am grateful to God for them all. I refuse to let any of my blessings go unnoticed!

Quote of the Day: "We often focus so much on the big blessing, that we ignore all of the little blessings, that prepares us for the big blessing." - Lisa Evans-Graham

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