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Who Me?

Have you ever had someone try to get your attention from across the room? Your first response was to look around not sure if they are speaking to you, and then you ask the question, “Who me?” That’s what so many of us are doing today when God calls us. We ask God, “Who me?” Our insecurities convince us that God couldn’t possibly be calling us for His service.

I have had many debates with God (we are cool like that) where I would say, “God, I’m not smart enough”; “I’m not eloquent in my speech and writing”; “Are you sure that you want me?” I am guilty of looking around and asking, “Who Me?” My desire to please God has increased to the point that I have changed my thinking. I encourage you to do the same.

Allow God to get the glory through your life. Submit to His will and live out your destiny unfolding the greatness that is within you. Come on, you can do it…we can do it.. So the next time God calls you to do something don’t ask, “Who me?” Instead think, “Why not me!”

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