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What Is In Your Hands?

Good Morning Family,

This morning started off a little rushed for me because I overslept. It normally takes me a little under two hours to conduct my morning routine of prayer, exercise, showering, getting dressed and then watching at least one episode of Married with Children. It is a crazy show but it has great humor and it makes me laugh. Watching it guarantees that I will have a great chuckle before leaving the house. Those who know me know that I love to laugh....I believe "a joyful heart is good medicine" (Psalm 17:22). So this morning I find myself rushed and my morning routine altered.

I rush to the station with 3 minutes to spare. When the train arrives I sit down, get comfortable and close my eyes preparing to meditate. And this is when I hear the voice of God. "Look at your hands." I opened my eyes and looked at my hands. I examined them closely. I looked at my chocolate mocha skin, clear with no scars. (After all, the majority of my scars are on my heart not my hands.) My finger nails are cut short and rounded. I never liked my rounded nails but others seem to because I get complimented on them often. I turned my hands over and examined my palms. "Okay Lord", I thought "I'm looking at my hands now what?" The voice of the Lord followed His command with a question, "What is in your hands?" Naturally there was nothing in my hands, but I'm no dummy so I knew that this was a spiritual lesson not a natural one. I positioned myself to listen and to learn.

My life seemed to flash before me as I recognized the things that are in my hands. There is love, so much love, in my hands. There is faith in my hands, healing in my hands, anointing in my hands and the spirit of prayer in my hands. My hands are resourceful, determined and focused. There is obedience in my hands, there is trust and compassion in my hands. There is creativity in my hands. Oh, wait a minute, there is also forgiveness in my hands.

So now I am seeing all of these wonderful things in my hands. Many of which I acquired through some type of pain and discomfort. I am sitting on the train tearful. I am so grateful that God did not find my hands empty. And then I hear the second question, "Are you using what is in your hands?" I pause...I think...then I answer, "Yes, I am"...pause..."I think that I am...I'm trying." My thoughts quickly become a prayer, "Lord, please teach me how to use what I have in my hands effectively and to your glory."

On my road to becoming better, I must admit that I did not always use what was in my hands. Not because I did not want to but because I was not sure how to. To be totally transparent many times I did not even know what was in my hands. I was living life without even knowing what tools God had given me.

Family, my question to you this morning is "What is in your hands?" What tools, abilities, skills has God given you that you are not using? I want you to do what I did this morning, look at your hands and identify what is in your hands. Are you using what you see in your hands? Be honest with yourself. If you are then great, but if you are not then pray for God to guide you and teach you. There is so much greatness inside of you and it would be such a shame not to use what God has given you to live your life to the fullest.

Have a blessed day on purpose! Be happy knowing that your hands are not empty!

Quote of the day: I believe that everything that I go through is to help others and every lesson that I learn is to be shared with others. I'm not selfish with the things of God. Lisa Evans-Graham

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