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The Limp

I pray that this message finds you well!

While exercising the other day, I think I may have overdone it. LOL. The music was pumping, I was moving and life was good. I went to bed loving me and the skin that I am in.

The sun kissed my face waking me up. God smiled on me yet again and allowed me to be among the land of the living. I smiled. I thanked God. Then I positioned myself to get out of bed but could barely move. My attempts to move were met with pain. I was experiencing muscle spasms to the fifth power and they were crippling me.

My body instructed me to stay home but my mind was focused on the many things that I have to do today. I have to go to work because I am planning for a big meeting in Washington. I have to deliver theater tickets to a group coming to one of my plays. I need to send in my renewal passport just in case I have to move suddenly. (Smile). My mind was racing as I continued to create the list in my mind. Pain or not, I cannot stay home today...too much to do.

I forced myself out of bed and started my morning routine. But things were was too painful to kneel so I had to pray standing up. It took me over twenty minutes and two tylenol just to put on my panty hose. With a combination of both tears and laughter (many times laughter to stop the tears), I was finally dressed and headed out the door.

I was moving, but I had a limp. I thought about my four block walk to the station and begin to panic. How will I make it with this pain? How will I make it with this limp? One step at a time Lisa, one step at a time. I thought, "People are going to be staring at me. How can I look fabulous with this crazy limp?" I reminded myself that it doesnt matter what people think because I have somewhere to go and things to do. I have to stay focused on my race no matter what others may think.

I limped to the station, sat on the train in pain for over an hour, then limped down 34th Street. While it is true that I was in pain, I did not allow it to stop me. I made it to my destination.

I am reminded of Genesis 32:24-29 where Jacob wrestles with the angel for his blessing. The bible says that during the struggle, the angel touches the socket in Jacob's hip in hopes that the pain would cause Jacob to stop wrestling with him. It didn't work. Jacob was in pain and had a limp but he kept fighting. He was clear with what he wanted and told the angel simply, "I won't let go until you bless me." Jacob was determined and he got his blessing.

Family, I want to encourage you can make it. Do not allow your limp to discourage you from moving forward.

Your limp can be an emotional one, a mental one, a spiritually one or even a physical one like mine but whatever it is don't let it stop you. Keep moving. Keep pressing. It doesn't matter how you get to your destination just as long as you get there.

Whether you're in a toxic relationship or have been abandoned by your partner...keep pressing. If you are a single parent struggling to raise your children while paying all of the bills...keep pressing. So you've been passed over on that promotion that you know that you deserve...keep pressing. Whether your father wasn't in your life or your mother doesn't love you as she should...keep pressing. You may not be growing as fast as you would like or accomplishing your goals at your desired pace...keep pressing. Your limp may be painful and it may slow you down but it won't stop you from getting your blessings. The limp won't stop you from reaching your goals. The limp won't stop you from living on purpose or fulfilling your destiny.

Know this, the limp will not kill you but it will make you stronger, more determined and better!

Quote of the day: I will not lay down and play dead. It is not the will of God for my life. Lisa Evans-Graham

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