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Bob The Builder

Hello Family,

How many of you know who Bob the Builder is? Well, for those of you who do not know, Bob the Builder is a cartoon character who goes around fixing things.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to replace the hood range over my stove. I thought about hiring someone to do it but decided that this was a project that I could take on myself. (Besides, I could use that money to buy my very favorite Replacing the hood range was not the easiest thing to do, but to my delight I was able to replace the hood without getting electrocuted. (Thank God). I was so proud of myself that I decided that I was the female version of Bob the Builder. I gathered my tools and begin to look around the house for other repair projects. I noticed that the toilet handle in the bathroom was becoming worn so I replaced it. Now I am feeling confident and think that perhaps I missed my calling and should have worked in a field where I could use my hands more often. I remembered that the water wasn’t flowing as it should in my bathroom sink. I thought "Lisa, you should replace the faucet!" I quickly watched a YouTube video on how to replace a faucet (thank God for YouTube), then grabbed my jacket and off to Home Depot I went. I love Home Depot and Lowes and can spend hours just browsing.

I now find myself in Home Depot excited to be trying something new. I had never replaced a faucet before but I felt as though I was up for the challenge. With the assistance of a Home Depot Sales Representative, I picked out the faucet that I wanted to purchase and headed home. Once home, I hurried to my task of replacing the faucet. I turned off the water valves and begin to loosen the water pipe from the faucet. It is at this point that I remembered who I am. I am a girly girl, you know those high heel wearing, colors have to match, hair always done, don't want to break a nail kind of girl. So then why am I half way under my bathroom sink, struggling with a wrench and a too tight nut bolt, with my hair getting caught in the corners of the cabinet? LOL. It took some time but I was finally able to take out the old faucet and replace it with the new one. I was thrilled, however my delight quickly turned into confusion when I turned on the hot water and realized that it was leaking. I watched another YouTube video. This time, the video was a tutorial on how to fix a leak after replacing a faucet. Go figure...YouTube really does have everything! After watching the video, it was clear that I would be making another trip to Home Depot, so off I went. It was during this trip that I purchased Teflon tape. Once back home, I unscrew the nuts, added Teflon tape to the screws and replaced the nuts. I prayed while turning the water on because I needed for this to work. I did not want to make any more trips to Home Depot and defeat was not an option. I wanted to be victorious in changing my very first faucet! And guess what? It worked! There was no more leakage and my faucet works perfectly!

This experience made me think about the many times in my life that I tried to fix things without really knowing what to do. I reflected on the times that I hadn't thought things through before taking that leap. I reminisced on projects that I had signed up for without having the proper tools to get the job done. But as my mind flickered back in time there was one thing that was consistent...God. No matter what situation I found myself in God was always there to rescue hold love me. Then it hit me...God is the ultimate Bob the Builder in my life. He is the only one who can fix everything and anything. He comes prepared to fix what is broken in our lives and when He fixes things it is done right the very first time. God has the ability to shift and move things and to place the pieces so perfectly together that it is a one of a kind masterpiece of beauty. Everything that God touches becomes better, becomes new. God can take nothing and turn it into something. As I pen these lines, I realize that I fall deeper and deeper in love with God every day, not because of what He can do but because of who He is and because of the way He is fixing me and making me better.

Family, I want to encourage you today to allow God to be the Bob the Builder in your life. Allow Him to fix your broken pieces. Allow Him to replace your troubled mind with a peaceful one. Allow Him to soften your stony heart (caused by pain and disappointment) and fill it with unconditional love. Allow God to replace your spirit of fear with the spirit of faith. Allow God to be your best friend...your personal Bob the Builder...the one who helps you become better.

Quote of the day..."I don't like to fall, but when I do, I know that God will pick me up and make sure that I am okay before sending me on my way." Lisa Evans-Graham

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