Stiff Necked

Good Morning Family,

For the past couple of days I have been suffering with a stiff neck. For those of you who do not know what a stiff neck is, the simplest explanation of a stiff neck is when your neck is sore and you have difficulty moving it in certain directions. I don't get a stiff neck often but when I do it is either because I've had my head in an awkward position on my pillow while sleeping or either I am getting sick. Side note: I hope is not the latter because a sister does not have time to be sick...too much work to do. (smile)

In biblical terms a stiff neck refers to a person's unwillingness to change. The story of Pharaoh as outlined in the Book of Exodus, is a great example of a person with a stiff neck...a person refusing to change...a person refusing to do what is right instead of what is wrong. Time after time Moses went before Pharaoh showing him the signs and wonders of the Almighty God requesting that he let the people of Israel go. And while Pharaoh thought about freeing the Israelites and often agreed to do so, he would always change his mind. The bible says that his heart hardened. In order words he refused to give in, he refused to move, he had a stiff neck.

We ourselves often embrace the opportunity to be stiff necked. God is knocking at the doors of our heart but we won't let Him in. He is whispering in our ears but we refuse to hear Him, or if we do hear Him we refuse to obey. He is making us uncomfortable in our spirits hoping that that would prompt us to move but we won't even budge. We will allow total strangers to enter into our lives and influence us but we refuse to allow God in. Can you imagine the arrogance in that...the God who has created us has to take back seat to everyone and everything in our lives. That makes no sense!

While exploring the chapter of Exodus, there was something that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I had to read it several times just to make sure that I was understanding it correctly. And when I realized that I was not mistaken, I became frightened. When Moses started going to Pharaoh asking for the freedom of the Israelites the bible says that "Pharaoh hardened his heart", however after going back and forth a couple of times the bible says that "God hardened Pharaoh's heart". Do you see the difference? Let me explain for this has to be clear. In the beginning Pharaoh had the ability to change if he wanted to, however towards the end God took the ability to change away from Pharaoh. In other words, God was fed up with Pharaoh! At that point, Pharaoh couldn't change for the better even if he wanted to. Pharaoh no longer had any hope of grace or mercy and was doomed. Simply put, he was a dead man walking...he was dead before his body even hit the ground.

I have a question for those who are stiff necked...those who refuse to change...those who won't move...those stubborn "I'm gonna do it my way" folk. What are you waiting for? How long do you expect Him to knock at the door of your heart, only to be rejected? How long do we expect Him to answer your prayers, meet your needs, provide for you only to be tossed aside and forgotten once you have gotten want you wanted from Him? When are you going to give God what He wants? For those of you who are saying, "Lisa, I don't know what God wants from me." Stop it! Yes, you do! You know exactly what He wants out of your life. He wants your attention, He wants your love and devotion, He wants your obedience, He wants to know that He comes first in our life, He wants your gratitude for the things that He has done for you, He wants your submission, He wants your trust, He wants you to open up your heart to Him. I am begging you to please give God the very best of you! And when you do, I promise that you and God will have a relationship so beautiful and so intense that the sun will shine through even your darkest days; you will have peace in the midst of the storm; you may be alone but you will never be lonely; you will feel so much love that your heart will have to enlarge just to contain it. God will turn your life into a beautifully orchestrated love song!

Remember this...while there will be some folk who will not answer the call of God, we are working hard at making sure that we are not one of those people. Warning comes before destruction!

Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed--without remedy. Proverbs 29:1

I love you family and want God's very best for you! Change is not easy but I know that you can do it! Live your life on purpose!


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